Dog Training for New Clients


One size does not fit all when it comes to dog training!

At Canine Comprehensive, we tailor each training package to the needs of that dog. Over the years, some of the things we have helped clients and dogs with include:

  • basic manners

  • walking without pulling

  • greeting visitors calmly

  • puppy socialization

  • fighting between dogs in the same house

  • leash reactivity

  • guarding food, bones, or toys

  • biting dogs and humans

  • stress and separation anxiety

  • prepping your dog for a new baby

To help our clients and dog friends, we use a balanced training approach. Balanced training uses positive reinforcement as a base and, depending on the needs and temperament of the dog, we may use additional training aids to help the dog differentiate between wanted and unwanted behaviors.

We begin with an initial assessment so we can get to know your family and the unique needs of your dog(s). This private assessment is $150 and takes place at your home. During the assessment, you will meet with Tobey, owner and head trainer, to go into your dog’s history and work to understand his or her temperament and relationship to the world. We will access what your dog may need and determine goals that will help your dog and your family live in better harmony.

From there, we develop a custom training plan that will get you what you want: results. Any dog can become a well-balanced, happy dog who respects his or her humans. We recommend that new clients begin with a training package of five to seven sessions where your family will begin working with Tobey toward the goals you’ve laid out for you and your pet. Sessions are $110 each and come with appropriate handouts and gear recommendations.

All training sessions include follow-up support – we want to help you reach your goals!


I could not have been happier with the results that Moose and I attained in working with Tobey and her customized training package for us. He was initially very anxious and leash reactive and now he has settled in so well. My friends and family and even my vet (who was so impressed that in our last visit asked for the name and contact of my trainer) comment on how much better he is with his calmer energy.

Missy, Moose’s owner


Seriously, I can’t thank [Canine Comprehensive] enough. The progress Dasha and I have made over the last 6 months has far surpassed what I thought was possible. Dasha has become such a secure, fun-loving, responsive dog. It is so much easier for me to take her places and have fun with her. She is good with everyone, including kids. Her play with other dogs has really calmed down, and while she still gets excited, she’s no longer aggressive to the point that I’m worried she will escalate. We’ve gone camping five times this summer and she has done so well each time. She routinely wins the hearts of strangers and I feel my own bond with her deepening so much. It is so much fun to have her!! I am so grateful for [Tobey’s} help.

Claire, Dasha’s owner