Tobey Grey Team Leader and Trainer

“Pets can be our friends, our support system, our motivation… our family. Animal owners often want a life for their pets they simply don’t have the time or energy to execute. Canine Comprehensive was born out of my frustration at how hard it was to give my pets a full life, and continue to balance my own.”

Tobey was obsessed with dogs even as a little kid, memorizing breed names and begging her parents for a puppy. In her adult life she adopted several abandoned dogs who were dumped by members of her community because of behavioral problems. While it takes a village to raise a child, she saw dog owners isolated and overwhelmed by the responsibility of having a pet. After years devouring information on training theory and attending numerous conferences by renowned trainers, she started Canine Comprehensive in 2014. In her spare time Tobey volunteers with Grateful Dog Rescue fostering dogs who need additional training and performing behavioral assessments for incoming dogs. She comes from a psychology background and applies these principles to dogs who have experienced trauma or are coping with aggression.

Carl Fixsen  Pet Sitter Extraordinaire

“I love animals of all shapes and sizes and am excited to get to know each one on a personal level.”

Carl grew up on a farm in Minnesota where he was surrounded by a variety of animals. Carl currently lives with four dogs of his own that he shares with his family! As is a lifetime lover and owner of dogs, he is knowledgeable and has a very gentle, intuitive way with animals. After walking our dog packs for quite some time, Carl has started his career in finance and enjoys pet sitting in his spare time.

Elisabeth Crosby  Dog Walker

Elisabeth had a very special relationship with her own dog, a cockapoo named Serenity, for 16 years. When Serenity passed away she wanted to spend more time with dogs and learn about dog behavior and training. When not exploring the Bay with packs of dogs by her side, Elisabeth also enjoys hiking, camping, and playing with her two cats Griffin and Harvey.

Joanna Karraker  Pet Sitter Extraordinaire

“As a kid, I raised and trained seeing-eye guide dogs, which gave me a great background in animal care and training.”

Joanna grew up surrounded by German Shepherds, raising many successful working dogs for the blind. In college, she worked at a boarding kennel and from there continued to pursue ways to get her animal fix! After moving to the Bay Area from Pennsylvania, she started volunteering with the Milo Foundation. Neighbors asked her to help with their dogs and she began walking and pet sitting independently and eventually linked up with Canine Comprehensive. 

Leland Wilder  Trainer/ Dog Walker/ Web Developer 

“I’ve been on the client-end of hiring dog walkers and pet sitters in the Bay Area and have clear ideas of what works and what doesn’t when you’re taking care of people’s beloved animals.”

Lee has worked with a large number of trainers and dog schools in the Bay Area for the last 8 years. These have included Bravo Pup, Sirius, Dog Evolve, and SF SPCA puppy training. When he caught the bug for dog training, he took a ton of classes with his dogs learning about everything from puppy socialization, obedience, leash reactivity, tricks, to recall. When Lee isn’t hanging out with clients’ dogs, he shares his life with a very large mutt named Dex. 

Positive Reinforcement

Animals are our companions and our family. I believe in showing them respect and communicating clearly.


I love “problem cases”, aggressive dogs, and special needs pets just as much!

Green Business

See and manage your file and bill online, as well as receive daily photo updates of your pet!

Insured and Red Cross Animal CPR/ First Aid Certified

For your peace of mind, the safety of your pet, and the security of your home.