Pet Sitting

At Canine Comprehensive, we offer two types of pet sitting—in-home, overnight sitting for dogs and daily drop-in visits for cats.

In addition to caring for and loving your pet, we keep an eye on your home and take care of household needs. Do you need the mail collected? The yard watered? Just ask and we can work together to make your vacation stress-free for you and your animal family!

To book a pet sitter for your next vacation, please contact us with the dates of your next trip and a little info about your animals.

Overnight Dog Sitting

Dogs seem to have an easy life, but they do encounter stress often in conjunction with changes. Our animals miss us when we’re gone. Sending dogs to a new environment (such as a boarding facility) while they are coping with your absence can lead to behavioral issues down the road.

We offer pet sitting in your home so your pups can stay where they feel most comfortable. While you are away, your dog is adopted as our own by one of our competent team members. To the best of our ability, we mimic your pet’s regular exercise and feeding schedule to help reduce stress. And they also get lots and lots of snuggles!

We offer overnight pet sitting at $100 per day (prorated). This includes a daily update with a picture of your dog so you can keep up-to-date with your pet while you’re away.

Dogs who are currently in training with Tobey also have the option of a board and train.

Cat Sitting

Cats are finicky creatures who like their space and don’t usually like change. Boarding facilities often place cats in tiny cages where they get stressed not only by the absence of their family but also the noises of other animals. When you leave town, consider a cat sitter instead!

While you are away, your cat is temporarily adopted as our own. We offer feeding, litter cleanup, playtime, and lots of snuggles (if your cat likes that)! We send you a daily update with a photo so you can keep up to date with your feline friend.

We offer drop-in cat sitting at $30 per visit. If your cat requires more than one visit per day, we’re happy to stop by more than once!


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“When I returned, my dogs were so well taken care of, I’m not sure that they noticed I was gone–that’s the best scenario I could ever have imagined! I will no longer worry when I need to go away.”

 – Jen B., Kilo & Cole’s owner

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