Tobey Grey


“Pets can be our friends, our support system, our motivation…our family. Animal owners often want a life for their pets they simply don’t have the time or energy to execute. Canine Comprehensive was born out of my frustration at how hard it was to give my pets a full life, and continue to balance my own.”

Tobey was obsessed with dogs even as a little kid, memorizing breed names and begging her parents for a puppy. In her adult life, she adopted several abandoned dogs who were dumped by members of her community because of behavioral problems. While it takes a village to raise a child, she saw dog owners isolated and overwhelmed by the responsibility of having a pet. After years devouring information on training theory and attending numerous conferences by renowned trainers, she started Canine Comprehensive in 2014.

In her spare time, Tobey volunteers with Grateful Dog Rescue fostering dogs who need additional training and performing behavioral assessments for incoming dogs. She comes from a psychology background and applies these principles to dogs who have experienced trauma or are coping with aggression.


Elisabeth Crosby

Dog Walker, Pet Sitter

“Since I was a little girl, I’ve always had a strong affinity and connection with my pets and animals. They love on a different frequency than us humans.”

Elisabeth had a very special relationship with her own dog, a cockapoo named Serenity, for 16 years. When Serenity passed away she wanted to spend more time with dogs and learn about dog behavior and training. When not exploring the Bay with packs of dogs by her side, Elisabeth also enjoys hiking, camping, and playing with her two cats Griffin and Harvey.


Ty Greenstein

Dog Walker, Pet Sitter

“I’ve always had a strong connection with dogs and love getting to know them as individuals with quirks, histories, and personalities of their own.”

Ty first became fascinated with dog training upon witnessing the transformation in her own rescue lab/terrier mix, Kali.  With help, Kali grew from a fearful, anxious pup to a confident canine, and Ty has enjoyed learning how to reinforce her good habits with agility, nosework, and long naps ever since! When she’s not out walking packs, Ty spends her time writing songs, teaching guitar, and singing with her wife Ingrid in the folk/Americana duo Mouths of Babes.


Isabel Espinoza

Dog Walker, Pet Sitter

“I have been pet sitting and walking dogs for the past 10 years, having studied the behaviors and personalities of animals of all kinds.”

Isabel has dealt with difficult situations and knows how to handle all the responsibility and challenges that come along with having a pet. Isabel grew up in Oakland with many pets, including two Pit Bulls, a German Shepard, and a Labrador. She has been researching and learning about animal behavioral problems and obedience training as well as getting to know the animals on a deeper, more understanding level. When she’s not walking the clients’ dogs, Isabel enjoys hiking, swimming and hanging out with her dog, Bandit, at the skate park.


Cris Nicole

OffiCe MAnager

"There has never been a time in my life when I didn't have a cat or dog in my home for an extended period of time. It's really the best bet for receiving consistent and unconditional love.”

Cris got her first dog, Rico, almost five years ago and learned how to do some basic training with him. She found this to be more of a bonding experience than she had ever expected. At this point, she can't imagine life without a dog companion. He is her cuddler, her hiking companion and her reason to get great exercise. Rico's also like a little brother to her two children. When she's not working with Canine, she is busy being a grad student, a mother, a hiker, a rock climber and a roller skater.


Joanna Karraker

Pet Sitter

“As a kid, I raised and trained seeing-eye guide dogs, which gave me a great background in animal care and training.”

Joanna grew up surrounded by German Shepherds, raising many successful working dogs for the blind. In college, she worked at a boarding kennel and from there continued to pursue ways to get her animal fix! After moving to the Bay Area from Pennsylvania, she started volunteering with the Milo Foundation. Neighbors asked her to help with their dogs and she began walking and pet sitting independently and eventually linked up with Canine Comprehensive.


Lee Wilder


“I’ve been on the client-end of hiring dog walkers and pet sitters in the Bay Area and have very clear ideas of what works and what doesn’t when you’re taking care of people’s beloved animals.”

Lee worked as a walker, sitter, and trainer assistant for Canine Comprehensive before leaving Oakland for the hills of Vermont. He continues to work with Canine Comp by looking after the website. Lee lives with his partner and a very large dog named Dex, who misses his buddies from the pack walks.