Dog Training for Returning Clients


Welcome back!

We appreciate all the time and effort you put into loving and training your dog! We know that it can be both challenging and fun and we want to support you as much as possible.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns as you move forward with your training journey. We’re here to help!

Training Sessions

Training sessions book up quickly (especially Saturdays). Once you’ve worked out how many sessions are in your training package, we recommend that you book as many sessions as possible in advance.


Training Options

Training Packages

Private, one-on-one sessions to teach you to train your dog. We will teach you a skill and then you will work with your dog daily to progress and be ready for the next skill. These sessions are best utilized if most of the family can attend together and you are willing and able to commit to homework. This is a great option for anyone who’s excited about training their dog, those with younger dogs, and dogs who are looking to brush up obedience but don’t require serious behavior modification.

Board & Train

Complete immersive training. Your dog will come and live in a trainer’s home and work on their behaviors full time. This will give you dramatic results but you must be committed to a new routine to maintain them. Each program includes 3 sessions as a family to teach you to maintain your dog’s training. Due to the number of foundation skills covered, the minimum length for this program is two weeks unless your dog has completed a prior Board and Train and is returning for additional skills. Dogs incoming to a Board and Train must have been previously assessed and have started crate training.



Training Equipment

Over the years, Tobey has gained a lot of insight into what products work well and are of the best quality. If Tobey has recommended you buy a training aid, please use this Amazon list to purchase the best one.


***The Amazon list helps us help you easily get the exact product you need. Canine Comprehensive gets a small profit from items purchased from the Amazon list, but we love supporting local businesses, so please consider purchasing from local pet stores if the exact recommended item is available.