Pack Walks


A tired dog is a happy dog!

We believe all dog walking sessions should incorporate physical exercise, training, and mental stimulation.

At Canine Comprehensive, we offer one-hour, structured pack walks to help with the exercise and training needs of our pack dogs. We currently walk dogs in the East Bay with dogs from Lake Merritt, Jack London Square, West Oakland, Piedmont, Emeryville, Berkeley, and Alameda.

Our dogs are walked on leash so we can focus on structured exercise and keeping everyone safe. And we walk in smaller packs so your pup gets lots of individual attention and love!

If you see us around town, you may be surprised how well-behaved and responsive our dogs are. To get this type of harmony within the packs, we’ve found that we need to see dogs on a regular basis, so, for this reason, we have a three-day-per-week minimum.

You may believe your dog can’t be walked with other dogs because they are too aggressive or afraid. Walking with other dogs can help your dog overcome behavioral issues and insecurity. Dogs who are introduced patiently and properly will walk together as a pack.

Some of our dogs have been walking with us for years, but we’re always excited to meet new pack members!


As part of our dog walking service, we will send you a photo of your dog and his or her pack out on the town. Check out some of our daily updates:


And sometimes the pack pictures don’t go quite as planned! Check out some of our outtakes: